About Dungeshwari Hills Dungaeshwari Hills, also known as Mahakala Caves, is the place where Lord Buddha spent several years before descending to Bodhgaya. However, his stay in the cave did not prove useful because he later traveled to different places in search of true knowledge. These caves are situated along River Phalgu. If you need a good break from the city, visiting these hills is a great choice. The entire drive till the caves is very scenic and pleasing. These caves have several Hindu and Buddhist temples and stupas. Interestingly, one of the caves has a golden Buddha sculpture as well. These caves remind us of the rigid penance Lord Buddha underwent. An idol of Hindu goddess ‘Dungeshwari’ is also placed in the cave temple. People are attracted to the sheer energy that these caves generate, because of their association with Lord Buddha. While the aesthetics of these caves is not as appealing as Ellora or Ajanta’s, its numinous has remained integral over the years. The hills also attract visitors to take a small trek and soak the mesmerizing views of its surroundings.

Historical Context:
There are three caves containing Buddhist shrines, where the Buddha is believed to have meditated. Dungeshwari Cave Temples are the ancient caves.

Best Time to Visit:

Morning, Afternoon, Evening


Food Stalls, Washrooms

Recommended Hours

Min. 2 hours

Best Visited With

Group, Solo, Family


Footwear, Camera, Video