Thai Monastery Bodhgaya

Thai Monastery is a must-see travel destination in Bodh Gaya (Bihar). It is the only Thai Monastery all over India. It is a historic monastery that was built by the Monarch of Thailand in 1956. After gaining the permission from the then Prime Minister late Pt. JL Nehru, this monastery was constructed in Bodh Gaya. Its construction had 2 motives behind it- expansion of Buddhism in India and strengthening the bond between India and Thailand.

It Is Known For:-

1) Thai Monastery is famous for its traditional Thai architecture
2) The golden tiles cover the sloping roof of the monastery
3) A 25-meter-high idol of Buddha in a seated position is installed in the main prayer hall
4) The interiors are beautifully decorated with the smaller sculptures of Buddha in different forms
5) The monks are often spotted meditating in the prayer hall in a large number

Best Time To Visit:-

Thai Monastery is a religious place. It is open to the devotees of all faiths and thus, people visit here on a huge scale. There is no special time or season for visiting Thai Monastery. No entry fee is charged from the visitors.

Watch Out!

All pilgrims are allowed to participate in the meditation and other Buddhist rituals. You can participate in the prayers and meditation.