Vietnamese Temple

Vietnamese Temple is a well-known Buddhist monastery in Bihar. It stands in Bodh Gaya and was constructed by the joint venture of the Indian and Vietnamese govt. in 2002. This monastery is a serene spot and many monks and locals visit there alike. It is surrounded by the trees and a a well maintained lawn. Its holy ambience provides calmness to the senses.

It Is Known For

1) Vietnamese Temple is a sacred place in Bodh Gaya. It is one of its own kinds found in the city
2) It was built in 2002 to promote Vietnamese Buddhism in India
3) It stands in the Vietnamese architecture and enshrines Alovakiteshwara Buddha. It is the form of Smiling Buddha
4) The Vietnamese Buddhists worship Alovakiteshwara on a huge scale
5) The surroundings of Vietnamese Temple in Bodh Gaya never fail to impress the visitors
6) Devotees & monks celebrate all major Buddhist festivals at Vietnamese Temple

Best Time To Visit

Vietnamese Temple in Bodh Gaya is a religious place. Many devotees flock to this place on a daily basis. Thus, there is no special time for visiting this temple. Every day is an auspicious day to mark the presence here.

Watch Out!

‘Silence is Golden’- this ultimate policy is followed here on a strict basis. So, all visitors should not talk in a high pitch and keep the mobiles on silent mode. Carrying the leather products, non-veg. food, and alcohol are prohibited.

Reaching There

Bodh Gaya is well-connected to major highways, rail heads, and airways. People reach this city by the roadway buses, broad gauge trains, and flights. These modes are available all over Bihar. Commuting within Bodh Gaya is done by the local transit.

Nearest Railway Station- Gaya Railway Station

Nearest Airport- Gaya Airport